Holistic Health

Post Natal and Baby Yoga

A gentle class for parents and their new babies. Includes baby yoga and songs.

  • Exercises for Postnatal Recovery that helps to stabilise the postnatal pelvis and lower back.
  • Sound work that help mums emotionally, promoting a sense of calm and security.
  • Helping them to get up and down the floor with minimum strain to pelvic floor and lower back
  • Standing easefully and balanced with the baby
  • Resting well with babies
  • Sitting to support the spine
  • Help with weak tummies and pelvic floor muscles Help with tiredness and emotional instability
  • Helps postnatal depression
  • Baby Yoga strengthens and aids development, aids digestion and relieve colic, improve sleep patterns and balance activity and relaxation
  • Babies and mums learn to relax in the company of others

A unique class where mum and baby practice yoga together. Simple postures are used to help create a sense of security and confidence between parent and baby. Helps to tone your muscles and promotes a healthy digestion and healthy sleep for babies.The last class of the four week course is a baby massage course.

Teacher: Carmen Luna

Not currently offered